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Acclaimed Paint Artist

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Interior Design by Ms. Agata Opoka,
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Peter Bialecki was born in 1948 in POLAND Toruń, an old historic town founded in 1233.

Peter came to America in 1978; his art is ever-changing but doesn’t lose its original flavor, character, and message.

He brings his canvas to life through bold, rich applied colors; he Likes to use colors and a lot of texture to convey his feelings of contentment with life and spirituality. 

His main subjects are landscapes, architecture, and still life.

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"To create art is a privilege; it is a reward, an honor, and a true gift from above.

People who create art are blessed with the ability to see the unseen, to give dimensions to the unreal, to exaggerate beauty and ugliness, to make one feel, ponder, and question.

The hearts of those who create beat to a different rhythm. Their energy is forever woven into canvas. The color, texture, and the stroke of a brush create that energy.

It is there to be admired, to feed the eye, and thus the spirit."


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My name is Elwira and I'm Peter's agent. 
Please contact us here to inquire about a piece or to find out about upcoming exhibits.

Thanks for submitting!

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